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Repairing Building Leaks With Eternabond®

Building leaks are typically one of the first signs pointing to the fact that your building needs some attention. Such leaks can be caused by a variety of factors, including faulty seams, construction material failure or simply repeated exposure to the climate (whether it be extreme heat, cold or precipitation). Regardless of the reason, building leaks allow moisture to penetrate, progressively weakening the structure. If untreated any leak can rapidly and exponentially become a costly job to fix.

Some building leaks are obvious while others may be more difficult to find. Nevertheless, once the leak is discovered it is imperative to use a fast, efficient and long lasting solution. To that end, Eternabond® was developed as an effective alternative to more traditional building repair materials. In fact, not only is EternaBond® easier to use than its counterparts, it actually does the job better and lasts much longer.

At its most basic, EternaBond® is a leak repair tape. From the outside it looks no different than a standard butyl adhesive tape. In truth, EternaBond® is constructed with one of the most aggressive adhesive materials available, called a MicroSealant®. MicroSealant® are virtually invisible to nature which means they will last longer, are less effected by temperature swings, and are compatible with far more materials. The MicroSealant® design allows it to hold perfectly onto a wide variety of materials, including rubber, plastic(s), tar and shingle, concrete and masonry, glass, fiberglass and metal. In fact, once EternaBond® is in place it will stay in place--providing a perfect seal for any building leak. Because of its unique formulation, it is able to fuse to several dissimilar materials at the same time, maintaining its seal and adhesion as the different materials expand and contract at different rates.

Beyond its phenomenal adhesive capabilities, EternaBond® was also designed to withstand the rigors of shifting climates. EternaBond® has an elongation factor of 500% (WebSeal®) to almost 800% (RoofSeal) and beyond that (DoubleStick). This means that it will maintain its seal even as a building expands and contracts during temperature changes. Available at many roofing distributors, RV distributors, and hardware stores, or, for added convenience it can be ordered directly via our website. Find a location near you, or to contact our technical department with any questions you may have.