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Metal Roof Repair And Maintenance-The Easy Way

In recent years metal roofs have become increasingly popular. They are beautiful, colorful, and add value to the building. One of the primary reasons that metal roofs add value is that they have a long expected lifespan. Additionally, if the roof is properly installed it should be capable of withstanding most climatic conditions, providing excellent protection from the elements. Nevertheless, as resistant as they may be, metal roof repair and maintenance is still essential to guarantee they will last as long as expected.

The word metal is an extremely general one. When talking about metal roofs, there are a variety of options to choose from, such as steel, zinc alloys, aluminum and copper. There are coated metal roofs, which are the colored ones you see. Additionally, metal roofs are typically installed in one of two ways: as shingles or large individual sheets. All metal roofs have seams where the pieces of metal fit together. It is at these seams, and at penetrations through the metal for vents, skylights, etc, and where the roofs join a new plane like at the ridge, in the valleys, and along the fascias that metal roofs start running into problems. Furthermore metal roofs can rust through. In all cases, leaks are most prevalent in older metal roofs, and roofs that were installed incorrectly. Because leaks do occur, metal roofs require repair, restoration and maintenance.

Metal roofs use sealants in the installation process. The sealants that have been available in the past do not last, getting hard, shrinking, loosing their elasticity and disbonding over time. Today, however, there is an alternative to the old butyls, ashphaultics and caulking sealants--it is a MicroSealant® called EternaBond®. A MicroSealant® is a very unique chemistry formulated to be virtually invisible to the ravages of nature. Eternabond® was designed as the ultimate metal roof sealing solution. Eternabond® is a MicroSealant® in an easy to use tape form, and it is used in similar fashion--but provides a permanent fix to any leak, regardless of the type of metal roof on which it is used. EternaBond® is quickly becoming the sealant of choice of professional roofing technicians, and because recreational vehicle roofs are so difficult to keep tight, EternaBond® is now being used by over 25 RV manufacturers in the manufacturing process.

Constructed with the most advanced and aggressive MicroSealant® adhesive available on the market today, EternaBond®, which has a built-in primer, requires minimal preparation for it to be effectively used by even the most inexperienced novice. Easy and fast to use, it is designed to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures and can expand upwards of 700 percent of its original size. Combined with its UV stable backing, an EternaBond® repair or restoration is a permanent repair.

Available at many roofing distributors, RV distributors, and hardware stores, or, for added convenience it can be ordered directly via our website. Find a location near you, or contact our technical department with any questions you may have.