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Eternabond® PVC Roof Repair and Maintenance

Polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC, is one of the most commonly used plastics in construction today. PVC is cheap to fabricate, extremely malleable and easy to assemble. To that end, PVC is often used in the construction of commercial roofs. In fact, with proper PVC roof repair and maintenance, the material has a long estimated lifespan and is well proven. Nevertheless, over time PVC has a tendency to shrink, pulling on the seams and potentially causing leaks. Some types of PVC are prone to shatter as they dry out, and in all cases aged PVC can be difficult to repair because it is difficult to weld and few sealants will adhere to it for any length of time. The same limitations and problems exist when a contractor makes a modification to an aged PVC roof.

However, there is recent technological break-through available that has been offering the professional roofing technician a solution to this problem. It is advanced MicroSealant Technology®. MicroSealant Technology® is a unique science which makes the sealant benign to most surfaces allowing it to fuse to the aged PVC. It is also environmentally stable, having a useful, installed life of 18 to 35 years depending on geographical location, and it has a 5 year shelf life. This MicroSealant® has a brand name: "EternaBond®." EternaBond®, because of its unique chemistry, is able to fuse to almost any surface, including aged PVC, and as previously stated will last for years and years in all environments.

One of the most appealing aspects about Eternabond® is the simplicity in which it is installed. Most traditional methods of PVC roof repair and maintenance require the use of additional time consuming primers. Eternabond® works as easily as a roll of tape. Simply clean, or in the case of aged PVC, score the surface with a Scotch-Brite pad, light sand paper, or equal, cut off the necessary length, apply it, and then rub it with your hand or roll it with a steel roller. This is important because EternaBond® is pressure activated. Since it has a built in primer, EternaBond® will bond immediately with the aged PVC, creating a permanent seal.

Once in place, it essentially fuses with the PVC, providing a permanent fix to any leak or seam problem. What is even more impressive is the fact that Eternabond® has an elongation factor of 500 to 700 percent of its original size. This means that it will expand and contract with the temperature fluctuations while maintaining its perfect bond.

Available at many roofing distributors, RV distributors, and hardware stores, or, for added convenience it can be ordered directly via our website. Find a location near you, or contact our technical department with any questions you may have.