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Eternabond® PVC Roof Repair and Maintenance

A roof repair job can range anywhere from fixing a leak to recoating or replacing the entire roof. Nevertheless, in many cases the same techniques used in more severe cases of roof damage are used to deal with smaller issues. Not only can this be expensive and time consuming but thanks to a product called EternaBond®, it is entirely unnecessary.

EternaBond® is one of the easiest roof repair products to use on the market. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, EternaBond® is from a technologically advanced family of sealants called MicroSealant®. All EternaBond® tapes are made using advanced MicroSealant Technology®. Made from a unique combination of resins and rubbers, and infused with a built in primer, EternaBond® is one of the most aggressive adhesives currently available, yet EternaBond® is environmentally friendly. It works as easily as a roll of tape. Simply cut off the amount of product needed, remove the protective backing and apply directly to the leak (or area where roof repair is needed) and rub or roll aggressively. EternaBond® is pressure activated.

We understand that with the variety of roofs that are in existence, there is a need for a variety of products for their repair. All of our EternaBond® products come with the same 10 year quality guarantee, and all are interchangeable. However, most professional roofers use the backing color or material on the EternaBond® tape to guide their choice. Our AlumiBond, for example, has an aluminum backing making it perfect for steel or aluminum roofs, while our WebSeal® product has a woven backing and is designed to be coated with any roof coating, solvent or water based. The WebSeal® makes the roof water tight and the coating restores the roof's beauty while it adds thickness. RoofSeal has a backing that is flexible and UV stable and is available in 3 color choices: black, gray or white.