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Eternabond® - Your Rubber Roof Repair Solution

When performing any type of rubber roof repair it is imperative to use a product that is capable of forming a permanent bond with the rubber surface. Just as importantly, in order for such rubber roof repair to be long lasting, the product chosen should not cause any additional damage to the surface of the roof. Many products on the market can create a solid bond, but their chemical composition can have a detrimental effect on the roof, leading to further problems down the road. Other rubber repair products take an inordinate amount of time to prepare the surface, requiring major clean up and slow acting primers to make the products work. Even with that, they are not long lasting, are expensive and are exclusive to rubber roofing, and useless for much else.

Eternabond® is very different from traditionally used rubber roof repair solutions. Traditionally, roofers will use a liquid rubber in order to coat cracks and repair leaks, or a piece of EPDM (rubber) and adhesive, or a butyl or similar tape with a primer. Unfortunately, these techniques can be time consuming and costly. Additionally, the use of such products is limited depending on certain weather conditions, such as in extreme cold and rain, as the rubber needs to set and dry, and the butyl tapes do not work well in temperatures below 45° to 50° F.

EternaBond® is from a technologically advanced family of sealants called MicroSealant®. All EternaBond® tapes are made using advanced MicroSealant Technology®. Made from a unique combination of resins and rubbers, and infused with a built in primer, Eternabond® is one of the most aggressive adhesives currently available, yet EternaBond® is environmentally friendly. As easy to use as a standard roll of tape, Eternabond® will adhere to a rubber roof, forming a water-sealed and permanent repair for any crack or leak. Additionally, Eternabond® has an expansion capacity of over 500 percent, making it capable of contracting and expanding with the rubber roof, regardless of weather conditions.

The sun can have a harsh effect on a rubber roof. Not only does heat expand and contract the roof, but UV rays can deteriorate it over time, as can the ozone in the air. Eternabond® has been designed with a UV protective backing, meaning that it will resist the effects of the sun, maintaining its integrity over time. Additionally, since Eternabond® is designed with a built-in primer, rubber roof surfaces simply need to be clean and dry for optimum efficiency.

EternaBond® tapes can be installed in temperature ranges from -20°F, and up to well over 150°F. They stay flexible to -70°F. They also have an exposed life expectancy of 18 to 35 years, and a shelf life of at least 5 years, and they are compatible with traditionally difficult to repair roofs like TPO, Hypalon, Kynar coated metal and even most PVCs.