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Proper TPO Roof Repair and Maintenance

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin and is a type of synthetic material often used in the construction of commercial and even some RV roofs. Roofing systems typically consist of three elements: a structural deck, a thermal insulation barrier and a waterproofing membrane. The materials that make up the waterproofing material of most commercial roofs are either asphalt based, rubber based, polymer based, or metal. Most polymers are thermoplastics. TPO roofing membranes are part of the latter group of materials.

TPOs are relatively new materials and they have been heralded because of their numerous advantages over other materials. In fact, they offer the benefits of both EPDM and PVC, without sharing their drawbacks. Theoretically TPOs are naturally UV and heat resistant while also remaining heat-wieldable as they age. Additionally, TPOs are resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, are environmentally friendly and recyclable. On the other hand the longer TPOs are in the real world of environmental exposure the more they are purported to be showing the typical signs of surface degradation, IE: the loss of millage and sheet shrinkage, both of which are very normal for a roofing material.

The question is whether the ageing is less than or greater than existing, non-TPO roof membranes, and whether it will have an effect on their ability to complete their expected life cycle, and continue to be repaired along the way. Therefore, it has become clear that as with any other material, over time, repeated exposure to the elements and structural stress TPO roofs will require repair and maintenance to ensure their durability and as time goes on they may become more difficult to make welded repairs, or get specific TPO prime/sealant systems to adhere. On the other hand there is a new technology available that has been offering the professional roofing technician a solution to this problem. It is advanced MicroSealant Technology® called EternaBond®, and because of its unique chemistry it is able to fuse to almost any surface, including aged TPO, and will last for years and years in all environments.

Eternabond was developed to provide commercial roofers with an effective alternative to more traditional TPO roof repair and maintenance solutions. Although TPO seams can be heat-welded together, it is nevertheless common for leaks to develop. EternaBond's adhesive properties make it a perfect choice to permanently seal these seams--literally fusing roof membranes together, or fusing to the hole, crack, or split. Beyond seams, Eternabond can be used in almost any roof repair situation, from leaks, to skylights and flashings, to chimneys and copings. It truly is a versatile product.

The secret to EternaBond's effectiveness lies in its chemical design. Although it may look like a simple roll of tape from the outside, Eternabond is in fact one of the most aggressive adhesives available on the market today. A member of the MicroSealant® family, EternaBond has a built-in primer requiring only a clean surface to maximize its effectiveness. Equipped with its UV stable backing, EternaBond is not a temporary fix. Its elasticity, tolerance to extreme temperatures and phenomenal adhesive ability make it one of the most permanent TPO roof repair and maintenance solutions available today.

Available at many roofing distributors, RV distributors, and hardware stores, or, for added convenience it can be ordered directly via our website. Find a location near you, or contact our technical department with any questions you may have.