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Seam Repair and Maintenance With EternaBond®

Regular seam repair and maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid costlier problems in the long run. The seams of a roof are typically one of the primary areas where leaks develop. This is true weather that roof is on an RV, a flat roofed house or apartment building, a mobile home or a huge office building. As a roof is exposed to a variety of weather conditions, erosion, expansion and contraction can eventually cause separation of these seams, leading to necessary repairs.

When it comes to seam repair and maintenance, EternaBond® is by far one of the easiest and most efficient products to use. As opposed to many traditional compounds, that will crack or deteriorate rapidly, EternaBond® was designed as a permanent maintenance and leak solution. EternaBond® is from a technologically advanced family of sealants called MicroSealant®. All EternaBond® tapes are made using advanced MicroSealant Technology®. Made from a unique combination of resins and rubbers, and infused with a built in primer, EternaBond® is one of the most aggressive adhesives currently available, yet it is environmentally friendly. Additionally, as opposed to those traditional compounds, EternaBond® is as easy and fast to use as a simple roll of tape on virtually any roof membrane type, including the traditionally difficult to repair roofs like EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, kynar coated metal, copper, modified and even most PVCs.

One of the major advantages of using EternaBond® for all of your seam repair and maintenance needs, is that it is not only capable of fusing to the roof membranes described above. It can also fix virtually any roof accessory from copings to gutters and skylights to flashings--one product for all repairs. As always, surfaces should be clean and dry for the best results.

Regardless of the type of material a roof is made of, the roof will be exposed to extreme periods of expansion and contraction. EternaBond® has been specially designed to expand to between 500% (WebSeal®) to almost 800% (RoofSeal) without losing any of its adhesive properties, and those properties will remain from -70°F to well over 200°F!

If you are going to recoat the roof to add thickness, reflectivity and life, then first go over all the seams with EternaBond® WebSeal®. WebSeal® is designed to be coated by any roof coating, whether solvent or water based.

Our RoofSeal family of products are available in black, white, or gray and these do not need to be coated. In addition, all EternaBond® products come in 50' long rolls in widths ranging from 2" to 48" wide. Peel, stick, stuck!®