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Using Eternabond® For Leak Repair

Commercial roofers understand the frustration that can accompany leak repair. Regardless of the type of roof, over time the effects of exposure to the environment, i.e. UV rays, thermal shock, expansion and contraction, foot traffic, acid rain, hail and snow, etc., are bound to cause a number of problems that could lead to difficult-to-pin-point, costly and time-consuming repairs. EternaBond® is a revolutionary new product that is designed for immediate and permanent leak repair. Easy to use, a single application of the product is enough to create an instant waterproof repair regardless of the material in which the roof is constructed, including the traditionally difficult-to-repair roofs like EPDM, TPO, Hypalon and even most PVCs.

Not only is Eternabond® effective, it is extremely easy to use. EternaBond® is from a technologically advanced family of sealants called MicroSealant®. All EternaBond® tapes are made using advanced MicroSealant Technology®. Made from a unique combination of resins and rubbers, and infused with a built in primer, EternaBond is one of the most reliable adhesive tapes currently available, yet EternaBond is environmentally friendly. It is as simple to use as any roll of tape. We currently offer a number of variations of the product depending on the desired color or type of leak repair that is being done. Nevertheless, the process is usually the same: cut off what is needed, remove the release liner and apply directly to the area where the leak is believed to be, and rub or roll the tape firmly. EternaBond® is pressure activated.

Because Eternabond® has an integrated primer, the surface area simply needs to be as clean and as dry as possible for optimum leak repair results. Both our Eternabond® AlumiBond and Eternabond® RoofSeal have specially designed UV protecting backings meaning there is no need for additional treatment products. More impressively, these tapes have an elongation capacity ranging from 500 to 800 percent, meaning they will expand and contract with the roof or the repaired area and are almost impossible to thermally shock. EternaBond® tapes can be installed in temperature ranges from -20°F up to well over 150°F. They stay flexible to -70°F. They also have an exposed life expectancy of 18 to 35 years, and a shelf life of at least 5 years.

Why deal with the hassle caused by other leak repair products when you can use the simple and efficient Eternabond® system? Not only is it easy to use, but when taking into account its impressive durability, it is a much cheaper option in the long run than other less permanent solutions. Commercial roofers understand the importance of speed, efficiency and durability. To that end, we have streamlined our ordering process, typically shipping most of our orders within 24 hours of receiving them.