Data Sheets & Bulletins

Using EternaBond® on PVC.


The plasticizers used in some new PVCs can have a negative effective on EternaBond® Tapes. Our recommendation:

  1. When possible, always use the manufacturer's installation methods.
  2. When using EternaBond®, first score the surface with a Scotchbrite pad, sand paper, or equal. Wipe away the dust.
  3. Keep the EternaBond® tape warm.
  4. DO NOT use EternaPrime®.
  5. Rub/roll the EternaBond® tape using extra pressure. We recommend a steel roofer's roller.
  6. Inspect the EternaBond® within a reasonable time frame. Call with questions.

OLD (AGED) PVC: EternaBond® is an effective and convenient way to repair aged PVC. Some PVCs have plasticizers that are re-activated when EternaPrime® is applied. Therefore: DO NOT use EternaPrime®.

  • Follow steps 2 - 6 above.
  • If there are other surfaces that the EternaBond® will be bonding to (particularly masonry), where the installer prefers to enhance the installation by using EternaPrime®, then use EternaPrime® as normal on the non-PVC surface only.
  • In cold weather (less than 40F)
  • Warm EternaBond® tape before installation.
    • Apply extra pressure.
    • Keep tape roll warm between repairs.
    • If possible, apply heat to the repair area with a hair dryer or equal.