Data Sheets & Bulletins

Pooled EternaPrime® could dissolve the adhesion of the granule.

  • Remove oxidation from roof surface.
  • Pre-treating with EternaPrime® is preferred. In the event you choose not to use EternaPrime® on the entire installation, use EternaPrime® on areas where contact is difficult (inside bends on standing seams, etc).
  • Roof must be dry. When covering seams if water is trapped in the seam, this must be dry before proceeding. Trapped water can turn to steam - releasing the sealant at that point, setting up a chain reaction. More water can now migrate under the now un-fused area..
  • Do not leave gaps at the end of a run open. This can happen when the end is changing elevations, as when going over a seam or clete. In these situations, use EternaBond® DoubleStick to start the run or seal the ends with a good, non-silicone caulking.
  • Difficult transitions are easily remedied by cutting and folding the EternaBond® tape, as if wrapping a package.
  • Close all ?fish mouths? by cutting and folding the mouth. Crushing the fish mouth down is not recommended.
  • Ditto large air pockets
  • WebSeal® is the preferred product for metal roofs; however it requires a roof coating to complete the installation. When a roof coating is not speced or inconvenient, RoofSeal and AlumiBond work well and do not require a roof coating. Remember that they are less conformable than the woven backed WebSeal®, so take the time to do a tight installation. Do not stretch these backings to force contact. Gently lay the tape into the shape, rubbing as you go to activate the fusing process. Where a tent occurs in a critical area - like along the edge of the tape, cut it with a razor and fold it down, adding a 2nd piece if necessary.