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MicroSealant® Definition

A family of sealants specially formulated for material compatibility which result in an extremely stable molecular structure and is resistant to light, ozone and heat.

MicroSealant™ tapes are formulated from synthetic polymers and contain a proprietary built-in primer that facilitates instant bonding to most known materials used in: transportation, roofing and the traditional building envelope.

MicroSealants™ have an extremely wide temperature tolerance. When properly installed, MicroSealants™ will bond to almost any selected substrate, resulting in a waterproof seal. MicroSealants™ are self-healing. MicroSealants™ are extremely robust to a wide range of surface condition reducing steps during installation.

MicroSealant™ - unlike most traditional caulking mastics and sealants contain no solvents due to its completely VOC-free proprietary primer and will not compromise air quality within the building envelope.