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EternaBond® Tapes Aging and UV Resistant Characteristics.

EternaBond® tapes are designed to provide long term moisture protection in difficult environments. The unique sealant and film backing of our products has been specially formulated to be resistant to UV rays, thermal expansion and contraction, ozone degradation, impact and abrasion. Whether the EternaBond® tape with the tough, specially formulated multi-polymer alloy film backing, or the woven fabric backing properly coated with a quality coating; EternaBond® tape will provide a long service life over a wide range of temperatures.

UV Ray Aging testing provided the following results for the Eternabond® 8-mil (non-coated) tape:

4000 Hour QUV Weather-O-Meter Test with UV Light
UVA 340 in the presence of humidity
  Zero Hours 1000 Hours 2000 Hours 3000 Hours 4000 Hours
Tensile yield, psi 1285 1405 1275 1935 1892
Tensile break, psi 4013 3975 3912 4347 4487
Elongation % 793 764 709 736 703

The results show that tensile yields and tensile at break are increasing in value over time, with an average elongation percent loss of only 2.8% (-11.3% over 4000 hours UV). The Q-Panel Lab products experts call 2000 hours of UV testing the equivalent approximately two actual years of full sun exposure. Therefore, the 4000 hours of UV testing could be seen to represent four years or more of actual UV exposure. Extrapolating the 2.8% loss of elongation leads to an outdoor life projection of from 18-35 years, depending on variables such as geographic location, traffic, environmental conditions, etc.

EternaBond® tapes also exhibit great heat stability: designed to operate indefinitely at service temperatures that fluctuate from -70°F to in excess of 150°F and beyond without a loss of physical strength. This family of products has been in use since 1985.