Data Sheets & Bulletins

Removing EternaBond®

How do you remove the best sealing tape in the world? Well, it is not easy, but if you follow these instructions, it is not impossible.

First, you have to determine if you really need to remove it at all. For example: if you are going to replace a skylight or vent that has been sealed with EternaBond®, and after replacing the skylight or vent are going to reseal it with EternaBond®, you can simply:

  1. Cut through the old EternaBond® tape along the edge of the old skylight or vent.
  2. Remove the screws holding it down.
  3. When you lift the old skylight or vent off, half of the EternaBond® will be on the flange of the skylight or vent, and half will still be on the roof.
  4. When you install the new skylight or vent, simply screw it down and?
  5. Put a new piece of EternaBond® over the first in the same place.

Second, if you have determined the EternaBond® must be removed, follow these instructions:

  1. Using a heat gun or a hair drier, heat up 2-4" of the tape on one end.
  2. Grab a corner of the tape and pull on it. The sealant should stretch like pizza cheese.
  3. As you are pulling on the tape, cut the stretched EternaBond® with a razor blade, keeping it wet with water.
  4. At this point some of the residual gray EternaBond® MicroSealant® will still be on the roof. Work it off using a strong solvent like lacquer thinner, acetone, or gasoline, and some elbow grease, or...
  5. Leave the residue in place. It will not hurt anything, and if you put new EternaBond® over the old, the new MicroSealant® will absorb the old MicroSealant®