What is a MicroSealant®?

A family of sealants that contain no double bonds between carbon atoms, but are comprised of a single bond between carbon atoms which result in a molecular structure which is extremely stable, and is resistant to oxygen, ozone and heat.
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Why Use EternaBond®?

EternaBond® bonds to virtually any surface except silicone. This includes all roofing materials, brick, wood, metal, stucco, rubber, vinyl, canvas, etc. So EternaBond® is the perfect repair product for buildings, RV's, tents, sheds, canoes, tarps, etc.

Also, EternaBond® has an expected life (depending on where you live) of 18-35 years exposed to the weather. EternaBond® has a 5 year shelf life so if you don't use it all at once it will be ready when you need it.

Finally, EternaBond® is the choice of professional RV mechanics, roofing technicians and professional maintenance mechanics.

What makes EternaBond® different from other leak repair products?

EternaBond® is a MicroSealant®. MicroSealant® has a unique molecular structure which makes them extremely stable, almost invisible to the degrading effects of nature, resulting in extremely long repairs and shelf life.

This unique structure also makes all EternaBond® tapes compatible with almost all other materials except silicone. That list includes difficult surfaces like - treated lumber, plastics, painted metal, copper, rubber and vinyl, brick, stone, and canvas.

Finally, EternaBond® remains pliable and fused in a temperature range of
-70° F to over 200° F!

Is EternaBond® hard to install?

Installing EternaBond® is as easy as putting on a piece of tape! EternaBond® requires no glue, mixing, or caulking. For quick, emergency repairs EternaBond® usually will not require cleaning (although we recommend the repair to an unclean surface be checked at a later date for proper adhesion) and in many situations, EternaBond® can be installed underwater. View our detailed installation instructions.

How long does EternaBond® last?

Because EternaBond® is made using MicroSealant Technology®, depending on surrounding conditions, EternaBond® has an estimated life expectancy of 18-35 years if applied correctly. The "pre-activated" shelf life of EternaBond®, stored correctly, is 5 years!

What are the EternaBond® Technical Specifications?

How aggressive is EternaBond®?

EternaBond® MicroSealant® tape, "DoubleStick" was installed between the roof surface and the steel bottom of the equipment curb base many years ago. Notice how after being pried with a crow bar the EternaBond® is fused to both the roof surface and the steel of the curb. Notice too how years later it is still flexible! This MicroSealant® is what makes all EternaBond® tapes so special.

How can I obtain more information?

If you have questions or need additional information, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help assistance you in whatever way possible!

We can also send you a brochure and an entertaining "How to Use EternaBond®" CD. Please specify if you want a "Professional Roofers" CD or an "RV Owners / Home Owners" CD. *note CD will run on most computers.

How do I place an order?

For your convenience, we have created a Secure Online Order Form. This form details all the products we have available and allows you to input the Roofers number of rolls/cases you would like to purchase. After making your selections, you are prompted for the information we will need to ship and process your order. Once we receive this information, we process your order and confirm shipment via email.

If you would like to initiate a new order now, choose from our list of products and add them to your shopping cart.

How long does it take to receive the items I order?

Normally, all of our EternaBond® products are available for shipment within 48 hours when ordered on a business day. We will be happy to expedite orders for a minor handling charge. Contact us for more information.

Consequently, the shipping time depends in large part on the shipping method you select during the order process. We offer normal Ground Delivery by common carrier (typically 3-5 days), Priority Shipping (typically 2-3 days), and Next Day Shipping. Shipping times, however, can vary greatly based on destination. If you have special shipping time needs, please contact us to ensure appropriate arrangements can be made.

What is your return policy?

We have a special section detailing our policies.

Will my name show up on a mailing list if I order from you?

Absolutely not! We do not sell, rent, or give our customer lists to anyone, nor will we do so in the future. We occasionally like to offer specials or notify our customers of exciting changes, so the only email or communication you will ever receive will be from us. And if you do not wish to receive correspondence from us, we will promptly remove you from our mailing list as well.

Can I order from outside the United States?

This site is intended for orders being shipped to addresses within the United States.

If you are interested in purchasing EternaBond® products and do not reside in the United States, please view our list of International Distributors.