Installation Instructions

Ponds with Liners and Pool Liners

Pool and ponds are great additions to any home, but what do you do when your liner springs a leak? Use messy glues and patches? Caulking and silicones? If you've every repaired a liner with conventional methods, you are in for a lot of frustration, until now. Liners can be easily and permanently repaired using any of the EternaBond® tapes. Here is how:

Pond with no Liners (Concrete base)

Determine which EternaBond® tape you are going to use. If you will be coating the tape so it matches the color of the pond (as in this example), use WebSeal®. If you will not be coating the EternaBond® tape, use RoofSeal.
You will need the tape you have decided on. Measure in linier feet if you are doing cracks, or in square feet if you are relining the entire bottom of the pond (as in this case). Rolls are 50' long in widths of 4", 6", 8", 12", 18", 24", and 36". You will also need one quart of EternaPrime® for every 75 square feet. The primer seals the old surface.
Empty the pond of water, dry it and scrape the base of the pond as clean as possible.
Vacuum out any remaining debris and dust.
Treat the surface with EternaPrime®. Allow it to dry completely. This will take up to an hour.
Before applying and EternaBond® tape, do a "dry run". Lay out the tape the way you think you will just to see how it fits, what cuts to make, etc. once you have done this, start by installing the pieces that are covering the lowest areas, or the most badly damaged areas.
Once these are applied, rub them aggressively. *EternaBond® is pressure activated.
Continue installing the EternaBond® tape rubbing as you go.
When complete re-inspect to ensure that there are no openings or gaps that water could get behind.
Once this has been confirmed, re-rub it one more time. This pond is now ready to receive a coating.
Paint on the coating you have decided on. We recommend oil-based roof coatings that can be tinted and are commercially available at your local roofing store. Use caution when deciding on a coating as many cannot tolerate ponding water (cannot tolerate being under water). *Paint over all the seams first.
Allow the coating to dry, then add a 2nd and if possible, a 3rd coat.

Ponds with Liners and Pool Liners:
  1. Lower the water level to below the repair area.
  2. The repair area should be clean and dry.
  3. Scuff the repair area with a scotch brite pad or equal, or wipe it down with acetone, lacquer thinner or equal.
  4. Cut the EternaBond® to length.
  5. "Pop" and remove the release liner and apply the piece of EternaBond®.
  6. Apply the EternaBond® to the repair area and rub aggressively.
  7. Check the edges to ensure no water can seep between the tape and the liner.
  8. Allow the tape to fuse for 24 hours before adding water.