Solution Centers

Welcome to EternaBond®'s solution center. EternaBond® started off as a series of product to help professionals install and repair roofs, ventilation system and all the work that goes along with them.

As with all product, after a while people start to find creative and additional uses for them past their intended uses. We would like to share with you some of the solutions people have come up with using EternaBond® product to fix everyday problems.

Commercial Roofers

EternaBond® allows you to place the repair right where you want it with minimal waste. Tape can be premeasured and preplaced before removing the liner to know how and where you will need the tape to go. Other methods can be messy, wistful and a guessing game on if you have filled the crack with enough material. EternaBond® users don't have that worry as it is a lasting fit.

RV Repairs

Sadly you don't tend to find out you need to make repairs to your RV until you are already on the road and most likely at your destination. EternaBond® has a line of product that are great to have stashed away in your RV for any type of repair wither is be to repair a leaky roof or a leaky water tank.

Home Owners

If you own a home you know that there is always something to fix, rather than trying to have a different product for every fix, see how many fixes you can perform using EternaBond®. EthernaBond tapes can help you with siding repair, fixing your shower, and even foundation penetrations.

Misc. Repairs

Here are some solutions that people have come up with and decided to share with EternaBond®. Take a look and feel free to send us any creative repairs you have performed using EternaBond® products.

Everyone needs some form of air leak control especially in the winter. Using EternaBond® tapes can help you become Title 24 Compliant lowering the costs of heating a cooling of any building.