(Mundelein, IL) February 2012 - EternaBond, a leading manufacturer of superior commercial roof restoration and repair tapes with advanced MicroSealant™ technology introduces Primerless Safety Tape. Use to make work areas safer by permanently marking edges, safety equipment, dangerous equipment parts, and hazardous areas.

EternaBond Primerless Safety Tape eliminates the hassles involved with traditional paint methods such as long cure times, production down time, messy cleanup, and increased labor. It is a one-step permanent safety tape comprised of patented strong adhesives, a proprietary blend of synthetic resins, and non-curing rubbers. Primerless Safety Tape features fully integrated primers and a highly visible UV stable yellow backing.

Primerless Safety Tape offers an integral bond that will remain fused with the original surface as it expands and contracts. Warranted for 15 years, its unique chemistry is environmentally stable, so it will not shrink, crack, peel or lose its tenacious grip. Primerless Safety Tape is durable enough to remain flexible from negative 70°F to 250°F, making it virtually impossible to thermally shock.

The product's versatility allows for application on a multitude of surfaces including but not limited to: EPDM, Hypalon, TPO, most PVC, Kynar coated metal, copper, granulated modified, tile, as well as gutters, flashings, skylights, ductwork and other roof top accessories.

Utilizing advanced MicroSealant technology, EternaBond continues to provide permanent waterproofing solutions for a variety of restoration and repair applications. EternaBond is committed to developing innovative, win-win technologies that result in higher profits, flexibility and higher quality for roofing, RV, and HVAC distributors, contractors, technicians and their customers. For more information, visit EternaBond's Web site at www.eternabond.com or call 888.336.2663.

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