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Residential Leak Repair

EternaBond® is not only great for fixing roof leaks, but for all types of leaks and cracks around the home. Try EternaBond® for repairing ponds and swimming pool leaks. EternaBond® tape works great for sealing pond liners without messy glues and patches. It also beats other methods of repairing pool cracks. Try EternaBond® for your next home repair.

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EternaBond EternaPrime EternaPrime Spray EternaBond Ultimate Roofing Kit
Used to prepare larger areas that are especially dirty, rough, oxidized, or corroded. Aids in the adhesion of all EternaBondŽ tapes, especially on rough or corroded surfaces. Also allows for application to -20°F. The ultimate kit with everything you need to repair leaks using EternaBond®.
EternaBond Steel Roller EternaBond Tintable UV Protector EternaCaulk
Use the steel roller to assist in EternaBond® tape application. Protection against harmful UV rays. EternaCaulk High-Performance Sealant
EternaBond AlumiBond EternaBond WindowSeal EternaBond RoofSeal
AlumiBond tape is tough and reliable for storage tanks, truck trailers, or steel and aluminum roofs. WindowSeal fuses to virtually all materials and does not shrink or fall off. Use RoofSeal to re-seam roofs, fix leaks, and make water-tight seals.
EternaBond DoubleStick EternaBond RoofSeal PLUS EternaBond CopperFlash
Double sided sealant tape - great for installing windows and vents. RoofSeal PLUS is specially made for roofs that require a deeper seal. Ideal repair and/or restorations on copper gutters, valleys, or cupolas.
EternaBond WebSeal EternaClean Roof Cleaner EternaBond RoofSeal Plus Mini Roll
WebSealŽ is extremely flexible and forms around almost anything. Helps release grime, oil, grease, and oxidations before tape application. Use RoofSeal Plus Mini Rolls for small jobs and emergency repairs.

Sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes a curse, but I live in a city with 90 lbs. of water pressure. One fine day our beloved dog decided to bite through our one and only hose and when we went to turn the water on a 20 foot stream blasted out of the hole rendering the hose useless. Although it was funny at first, my wife became rather unhappy when she realized that her urgent cleaning project would be delayed. Then, like a bolt of lightening, I remembered the EternaBond® emergency repair kit which I had never used. After wrapping the hose twice with the aluminum-backing tape, we crossed our fingers and turned the water on... ureka! The tape worked and my wife was able to get on with her project while I went out to get a new hose.

- Scott Best
Aberdeen, Washington.