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RV Leak Repair

To most RVers, nothing is more annoying than a pesky water leak, especially one that pops up in a place where there are no repair centers. In the old days, one would squirt on some silicone or, in pure desperation, cover the area with duct tape, but these on-the-spot repairs were very temporary. Thanks to Eternabond®, RV leak repairs are now permanent and hassle free.

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EternaBond EternaPrime EternaBond RV-EMT Mini-Roll EternaPrime Spray
Used to prepare larger areas that are especially dirty, rough, oxidized, or corroded. Use RV-EMT Mini-Rolls for small jobs and emergency repairs. Aids in the adhesion of all EternaBondŽ tapes, especially on rough or corroded surfaces. Also allows for application to -20°F.
EternaBond Steel Roller EternaSeam EternaBond 200 Foot Seam Repair Kit
Use the steel roller to assist in EternaBond® tape application. The RV Seam Eliminator. This kit is specially designed for RV dealerships or large RV leak repair jobs.
EternaBond 50 Foot Seam Repair Kit EternaBond Tintable UV Protector EternaCaulk
This repair kit is perfect for fixing leaking seams on an RV or mobile home. Protection against harmful UV rays. EternaCaulk High-Performance Sealant
EternaBond AlumiBond EternaBond RoofSeal EternaBond Doublestick MicroSealant Putty Tape
AlumiBond tape is tough and reliable for storage tanks, truck trailers, or steel and aluminum roofs. Use RoofSeal to re-seam roofs, fix leaks, and make water-tight seals. Double sided sealant tape - the RVer's friend
EternaBond RoofSeal PLUS EternaBond WebSeal EternaClean Roof Cleaner
RoofSeal PLUS is specially made for roofs that require a deeper seal. WebSealŽ is extremely flexible and forms around almost anything. Helps release grime, oil, grease, and oxidations before tape application.

I first became acquainted with EternaBond® tape after I discovered that the side seams on the fiberglass roof of my new 1999 Winnebago roof would need constant checking and re-caulking to avoid the roof from popping out of the "J" channel. Unchecked, many RVers experienced major roof problems as large chunks of their roofs were caught by the wind and ripped off. I was determined to find a permanent solution for this major problem. After reading the manufacturers claims, I applied EternaBond® tape to both roof side seams as well as the front and rear roof caps. The tape was applied right over the old caulked seams. Almost eight years later the tape is still in place and doing the job. I haven't had any leaks or other roof issues and haven't caulked anything topside. It truly is a miracle product. Thanks EternaBond®.

- Lewis Landry
Retired Fire Chief and RV traveler