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The Benefits of Eternabond® for Hypalon Roof Repair
and Maintenance

Hypalon is a type of synthetic rubber noted for its natural resistance to chemicals, extreme temperatures and ultra-violet light. Because of its durability, it has become a common material used in the construction of roofs in both homes and industrial and commercial roofs constructions. Nevertheless, over the years the sun has proven to have a negative effect even on Hypalon, causing it to "chalk," losing the top layer of protection. This combined with some shrinkage in the Hypalon can cause the seams to pull apart, and because of the afore mentioned chalking the seams are very difficult to reseal. This chalking situation also makes it difficult to re-seal new roof penetrations which may be required for air conditioning and ventilation equipment, plumbing vents and stacks, skylights, etc. Consequently, aged Hypalon can become susceptible to leaks, cracks and other integrity issues, and can be difficult to repair.

Historically, repairing aged Hypalon roofs has been very ineffective. Once the chalking begins, re-welding the sheet, or sealing it with the available sealants and their associated primers has proven to be time consuming and unreliable. There is a new technology available that has been offering the professional roofing technician a solution to this problem, and it is now available to you. It is advanced MicroSealant Technology® called EternaBond®, and because of its unique chemistry it is able to fuse to almost any surface, including aged Hypalon, and will last for years and years in all environments.

Eternabond® is environmentally friendly, therefore it is a safe product to use, and because it is manufactured in a "peel and stick®" tape form and it has a built in primer, it is easy to use as well. In fact, EternaBond® is as easy to apply as a piece of tape and coupled with its high tolerance for both high and low extreme temperatures and its ability to expand and contract with weather and structural shifts, Eternabond® is rapidly becoming the standard for all single ply roof repair, maintenance and restoration , including Hypalon. EternaBond® has an installed life expectancy of 18-35 years depending on your geographical location, and a 5 year shelf life! Professional testimony is available here.

Available at many roofing distributors, RV distributors, and hardware stores, or, for added convenience it can be ordered directly via our website. Find a location near you, or contact our technical department with any questions you may have.