I cannot say enough about this most useful product. We have used it successfully on One Ply Systems covering several thousand feet of seams. We are so pleased with the results, that when we install new Rubber Systems we now use EternaBond® at all final laps, rather than the factory caulking normally used. We will continue to use this product because it fills our needs on most every roof system we have installed in the last (20) yrs.

Charles Hubbard
Hubbard Roofing Co.

We had a difficult situation with coping caps that were leaking at the seams. We used the EternaBond® to cover the seams and it has worked perfectly, saving our customer $1,000's of dollars. We have used it on a PVC Roof System with 100's of feet of seam problems and it added at least another year to the life of the roof until a new roof system would fit our customers budget. It has worked equally well on EPDM and other Single-ply membranes. I feel very confident that if I have the EternaBond® on the truck, I will be able to make any repair on the first visit which makes me and my company look good, and I know that I will have a satisfied customer. I have not had a single call back on any repairs that I have used EternaBond® to complete the repair. This letter is to let you know that you have another believer.

Paul D. Eakley
All-Seasons Enterprises of Illinois, Inc.

We have been very pleased with the EternaBond® seam tape (DoubleStick) and the EternaBond® cover tape (RoofSeal) we used on Polyglass Polycool roof system on our building here in Lemont. It has been working great. We have also used EternaBond® in patching applications and repairing other PVC and Hypalon Roof systems, and found that your products work excellent.

Stephen E. Norton
Norton Sons Roofing Co.


There are not many products on the market that actually do what they claim.

I had just read in Trailer Life of this product when we traded our 5th wheel in on a Class A. It had a terrible leak where the rubber roof and front end are attached. The leak, being in a crucial spot, would need something VERY STRONG. We felt like if it worked as well as the article stated, it was well worth the price.

Well, we are very pleased to report that it is everything the article stated. We have not had the least bit of leaking and from the way it looks, probably never will.

Thank you so much for this product.

Butch & Ellen Lee
Kingston Springs, TN


Well Chris (at EternaBond®), the product is as the article in Trailer Life said, and as you described it when you phoned to answer my inquiry.

I found the tape went on very easy, somehow it seemed to me that to solve a leak problem, there should be a great deal of work, but such was NOT the case. Two coats of sealer were done as instructed, and I look forward to the end of leaks on my RV. I sealed the side seams, every vent, the skylight, the fridge vent, and around the upper luggage rails with the tape, and it all went on like magic.

Now I am repairing the inside damage which the water leak caused to the framing, the paneling, and the flooring in the storage compartment which has disintegrated.

If I purchased a brand new unit tomorrow, I would coat all the seams with your product right from the 'get go'. By sad experience I have learned that by the time you learn you have a leak, the damage is done. I took a couple of short pieces of tape to show to some people and one repaired a leak in the corner of his home eaves trough, which had defied all the other sealants he had tried.

I have talked to a few friends here about EternaBond®, and no one has heard of it. I wonder if it might be possible for me to act as a rep for your firm here in British Columbia?

I have owned my unit for 5 years and had NEVER another owner admit to having leaks, but now that I am openly talking about using the EternaBond® Tape, it seems that everyone has had leaks and damage. I think that LEAKS are one of the best kept secrets in the RV industry. Roof re-sealing, every two years is recommended by the service people, and the sealant they put on eventually cracks and lets in the water. Anyway, thanks again, and you have a very happy customer up here in the Wet Coast.

Langley, B.C.

Dear EternaBond®,

I read the article on EternaBond® in Trailer Life (April 2000) and immediately had hope again. I recently purchased my 1st RV, a 1983 Itasca 26 foot class "A" motor home. I knew it had a leaky roof because the previous owner had it all covered up with tarps when I came to look at it. Evidently the owner before him had installed an AC unit on the roof and cut through some roof supports in the process. As a result, the roof sags to a point 1 - 2" BELOW the edges of the roof. Mountains of tar and caulk were to an avail for him or me... as soon as one part was fixed another area would spring a leak. The only thing that ever slowed it was to park on the side of a hill and keep the water from pooling on the roof.

I ordered EternaBond® and began to apply it as soon as it arrived. Two days later we had a terrific thunderstorm and the water just POOLED up on the roof. I call it "Lake Itasca". It was wonderfull! NO leaks!! NONE!!!

Thank You Soooooooo Much!

Shannon Moon

Dear EternaBond®,

Well, you've made a believer out of me and everyone here at 83 RV!

The EternaBond® is working just as you said it would. We are now using it almost exclusively for all our roof repairs and leak repairs.

Our technicians have reported that it is easy to install, and they feel confident in the quality of the repair. In fact, it's so easy to install that quite often when we have a unit with a hard to find leak we simply reseam the entire roof. We feel this approach serves our customers better than using a self-leveling pour or spot repairing.

Our technicians are quite pleased, and so are my brother and I. Thanks for introducing 83 RV to this fine product, and thanks for the good service.


Bob Novak, Jr.
Owner, 83 RV

Dear EternaBond®:

Well, I know your literature says that EternaBond® isn't supposed to be used on leaks with water pressure, but I feel compelled to share a story with you in which EternaBond® was perfect for an "unauthorized" repair.

Sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes a curse, but I live in a city with 90 lbs. of water pressure. One fine day our beloved dog decided to bite through our one and only hose and when we went to turn the water on a 20 foot stream blasted out of the hole rendering the hose useless. Although it was funny at first, my wife became rather unhappy when she realized that her urgent cleaning project would be delayed. Then, like a bolt of lightening, I remembered the EternaBond® emergency repair kit which I had never used. After wrapping the hose twice with the aluminum-backing tape, we crossed our fingers and turned the water on... ureka! The tape worked and my wife was able to get on with her project while I went out to get a new hose.

Your product works great. Thank you for offering something that goes beyond its claims. It was very refreshing.

Scott Best
Aberdeen, Washington

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