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Pool Liner Repairs

Pool and ponds are great additions to any home, but what do you do when your liner springs a leak? Use messy glues and patches? Caulking and silicons? If you've every repaired a liner with conventional methods, you are in for a lot of frustration, until now. Liners can be easily and permanently repaired using any of the EternaBond® tapes.

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quote_startDeCampo Family
My family and I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave us over the phone. The tape (6" x 50') 2 rolls, is truly remarkable. My husband and son Michael applied the tape to the rolled plastic liner around 6 weeks ago and the pool has not leaked at all. We are now enjoying our pool. It was just in time for the real summer weather. God bless you and all there at EternaBond®.quote_end

All our love,
- The DelCampo Family